MOONROCBody - Coming February 2021




MoonRoc STUDIOS offers custom options to make your purchase truly one of a kind."

We want your table/desk to be yours in every way. Because every purchase is of the utmost importance we focus on the specifics of what you want in your new piece.
Our product page allows you to "CUSTOMIZE" your piece, choosing from options including size, color and stain finishes on some items. These details are up to you.
Once you’ve made your selections, you receive our full attention as we create your design from scratch in our workshop.
Please note all items are handmade at the time the order is placed unless otherwise noted!!!
***Please allow 7 days for completion***  
Your options are as follows:


The Base
A.   B.  C.    D.    E.    F.    G.  H.    I.         J.
First you start with one of our bases (go here for base option details). We offer an array of options to make your piece truly yours (simply select the letter of your choice). Once you choose your base you are ready to select the size of your top. For our signature sawhorse tables/desks you'll decide if you want your piece stained or painted. If painted you have two choices, black or white semi gloss. If stain is what you prefer choose from the options in the dropdown list when placing your order.
The Top
          80" x 28"                       72" x 24"             60" x 24"              48" x 24"
We promise this part will be easy. We offer 4 main sizes for desks: Extra Large (80" x 28" x 30-39"), Large (72" x 28" x 30-31"), Medium (60" x 24" x 30-31") and Small (48" x 24" x 30-31"). We can also do a child size desk upon request
 and if you are looking for a size not listed for your space, we will be happy to build based on your needs with additional costs. Just send your request via email on the "Get in Touch" page and we will contact you to discuss your needs. We also do customized dining tables!!
Your Design Colors
Our color options are a combination of vibrant colors that fit well with any décor. 
MoonRoc STUDIOS Tables & Desks are unique because of your choice of colors and because we allow this option no two are alike.  Our designs are abstract which is not hard to see by looking at some of the designs we've created for our clients in pictures posted throughout our website.
You get a choice of up to 4 colors (black & white are already included). Make your selections from the color palette and list them in the "Customize Your Top" box when placing your order and we'll have all we need to create your amazing piece!