MOONROCBody - Coming February 2021

Our Mission

At MoonRoc Studios we provide personal, creative experiences where individuality is encouraged. Our main goal is to inspire our clients to awaken the artist that lies within.
We exclusively offer customizable tables, desks and doors for your home/office which allows you to create irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind pieces.
Because we feel that people from all walks of life have a love for art we make sure to offer prices for every wallet and to make the buying experience as easy as possible.
Our core values helps us stay focused in our quest to bring art into the lives of all thirsting for it.
“Bold businesses shoot for the moon”. My belief in that runs so deep that it became a part of our name. We built this company on a foundation of courage, integrity, authenticity and community, because you can’t run a bold business alone.
Boldness has genius and power. It stands out from the group. Boldness instigates growth, progress and movement for oneself and for others.
Creativity is in everything we do; it’s coded into our structure. We’re all different and we applaud those who love to express themselves through their own uniqueness.
When embracing new ideas we have to accept the possibility that we may fail, but we are brave enough to try! Designing with this frame of mind is an uncommon practice for companies who's main goal is success but at MoonRoc Studios embracing this possibility guarantees our success. Getting our pieces in the homes and offices of those who genuinely desire it is our focus and customization enables our clients to be involved first hand. This is what we ask for all that we do.  
Building relationships with businesses and individuals based on trust and transparency, MoonRoc Studios...Give us a go!
Designer: Melonie Latham